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Abiu Pouteria caimito

Medium to large-sized tree from 15 ft to 30 ft. The pulp has a smooth creamy texture, and it tastes like caramel flan. Mature trees may produce anywhere from 100-1000 fruits a year. 2 gal




Banana Musa spp

Dwarf Cavendish

A very popular eating banana, it will bear bunches with up to 90 bananas, each slightly smaller than the grocery store varieties. It will grow to about 7 feet. Reddish-purple markings on the leaves is seen on juvenile foilage, later leaves will be all green. A fast grower with great appeal due to it's great taste. 2 gal




Raja Puri

If you only want one variety of banana, get this one. It is the strongest, and easiest to fruit. This native of India rarely exceeds 8 feet in height. The tough trunks are wind and disease resistant. Hands of bananas are large, 30 to 40 pounds, and each fruit is 5-6 inches. The flavor is excellent. Its dwarf size make it an excellent container plant for colder climates. 2 gal





Barbados Cherry, Acerola Malpighia punicifolia, M. glabra


The Barbados Cherry is a fast growing bushy tree that can be trained as a standard or shaped as a hedge. The 1 inch fruit are sweet and slightly tart, and extremely high in Vitamin C. The fruit can be frozen without losing their Vitamin C content.  A great specimen plant  and has beautiful pink flowers in spring and summer. Easily grown in containers and is self fruitful. Hardy to 28 degrees. 2 gal.




Carambola Averrhoa carambola


"Kari "

Carambola are somewhat small, but very symmetrical trees. If you like Starfruit, great news, they are very productive. If you've never had one, the fruit has a sweet citrus like flavor that is both delicious and refreshing. Eat them fresh, in salads, as garnishes and in drinks. Hardy to 26 degrees. 3 gal.




Sri Kembangan

A Thai variety with elongated fruit, about 5-6 inches long. The fruit has bright yellow-orange flesh and is very sweet and juicy. The tree is somewhat small and symmetrical and will fruit prolifically. Mature trees may survive light frost but young trees must be protected from frost and wind. Season August - March. 3 gal



Cherry of the Rio Grande Eugenia aggregata

This delicious cherry is typically 1-2 inches long and oval in shape. When ripe they are deep purple to black and have a full cherry-like flavor. The trees can be grown in large pots or in the ground as a hedge. A relatively hardy plant, it can tolerate as low as low 20's F when mature, though younger plants should be protected from frosts. 3 gal



Guava Psidium guajava

Ruby Supreme

 Grow this Guava in full sun and you will be rewarded with  fruit that is red fleshed, large and delicious. . Ruby Supreme will bear within 2 years and is quite vigorous in its growth habit. The flesh is smooth, sweet, and extremely aromatic. Suitable for container growing as well as making a fine landscape plant. Hardy to 25 degrees. 1 gal. and 2 gal.




White Asian Guava

An excellent choice for backyard use. Very large, yellow-green, flavorful fruit has sweet, aromatic, white flesh. The flavor of the fruit is sometimes described as a cross between a perfectly ripe pear, a banana, and a crème caramel. Yummy! The fruits can be eaten before they are fully ripe.  Heavy-bearing tree is self-fertile. Can be grown as a container specimen of fine landscape plant. Hardy to 25 degrees. 2 gal.


$30.00 3 gal



Jaboticaba Myrciaria cauliflora

A slow growing bushy tree or shrub to 15 feet. The fruit of the Jaboticaba are borne on the trunk and branches singularly or in clusters and are green while young and turning a deep purple, almost black after about 30 days from fruit set, when they mature. The flavor of the fruit is likened to a grape-raspberry mix and are very sweet. Pruning is not recommended, as they fruit on previous years growth. Likes water. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.


$35.00 3 gal



Longan Dimocarpus longana


The Kohala longan is a very sweet tasting fruit. The tree is one of the cold hardiest of the longans.(tolerant of temperatures in mid-20's for short periods). Introduced to the Continental U.S. from the Kohala mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii. A fast grower, but growth can be controlled by tip pruning (5 year old container plant could reach (9'-10'). Blooms in February/March and fruits in August/September. Produces fruit 2 years after planting. 3 gal




Lychee Litchi chinensis


The fruit is large, deep red, and it is of excellent eating quality. The tree is a vigorous upright grower that is well suited to Florida. Like many other lychees it tends to be an alternate bearer producing good crops every two out of three years.




' One of the fastest growing Lychees around, and one of the most widely planted variety for commercial operations. Crops are consistent, with a heavy production of fruit. The fruit is sweet, pink to red, and produces chicken tongue seeds in about one out of ten fruit. 3 gal.





Hak Ip

Hak Ip' means “Black Leaf” in Chinese, and it refers to the dark green to black leaves of this superb variety. The fruit of this Lychee are large, sweet, and you can count on the fruits to have “chicken tongue” seeds. A preferred backyard cultivar for home gardeners. 3 gal





Sweet Heart™A very fine Lychee variety. It is a consistent producer of huge heart shaped fruit all having chicken tongue seeds. Production is very high. It is quickly becoming the variety of choice by dooryard growers for its reliability and superior quality. (No shipping on this, too large.) 7gal




Sapodilla Manilkara zapota


Makok is long, pointed and one of the best tasting in the world. It is native to Thailand and is a recent introduction to Florida. This is an excellent tree for homeowners because the tree is a small compact grower perfect for limited space. The pulp is smooth and brown with a sweet aroma. Fruit  ripens from May to November.  

 10 gal


Sapodilla Seedling

Sapodillas have a surprising flavor, quite delicious with a taste of caramel and brown sugar. Early to begin fruiting, and usually bears 2 crops per year. Large growing tree, up to 30 feet. Hardy to 28 degrees. 3 gal.


5 gal





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