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Avocado Persea americana


Brazos Belle

Brazos Belle is a medium to large, purple black fruit, and is extremely cold hardy, down to 15F!  The fruits of this cold hardy tree have a rich taste and a high oil content. Survives and bears in Houston, TX, so will fruit as far north as Charleston, SC.  Bears Aug-Oct.  3 gal



'CHOQUETTE' is a late season goliath which enjoys both commercial success and homeowner appreciation. This avocado is where quality intersects quantity, and it is quickly becoming a favorite to Florida’s winter residents. Fruit is ready January through March. 3 gal


Florida Haas

Florida Haas is a Mexican type Avocado. The number one commercial variety. It is renowned for is rich nutty flavor and high oil content. A single fruit weighing only a half a pound can cost $3 or more in the grocery store. The trees have a wide growing range, and can be grown in the southern regions of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Fresh picked fruits weigh around 4 ounces to 12 ounces, and are produced October through November. Hardy to 25 degrees. 3 gal.



"Lila"Avocado trees bloom in the Spring, with the pear-shaped fruit ripening later in July and August. The fruits of this cold hardy tree have a rich taste and a high oil content. (much like a Haas Avocado) Mature tree height 10 to 15 feet. Can be container grown, or planted in the ground. 3 gal


Oro Negro'

Oro Negro' translates to "Black Gold" in Spanish. A seedling discovered in a commercial Avocado grove  in Miami-Dade County, Florida in 1989. After 20 years of evaluation it proved it's potential for dooryard or commercial use.  Black-skinned fruit, typically weighing in around 1 to 2 pounds are produced November through January The flesh is rich and buttery with a creamy texture that is sure not to disappoint. Hardy to 25 degrees. 3 gal.



Very cold hardy variety. Produces medium to large green fruit. It survived temperatures around 10F near San Antonio, Texas (Zone 8b). Can take temperatures down to 15F for short period of time without significant damage. Fruits ripen August through October. 3 gal


Winter Mexican

 This variety has thin, tender skin that clings to the firm tasty flesh. Oil content is high, estimated to be about 30%. The oil content is what gives the Avocadoes a rich, buttery taste. The tree is cold tolerant to 22F degrees. Fruits are ready around November and December. 3 gal





Mango Mangifera indica


  In Florida it is sought after for its dwarf growing habit.



Carrie is a fiberless Florida cultivar that is  sweet and delicious as can be. A compact cultivar that makes it an excellent dooryard tree that requires minimal care. Both fruit and tree have little to no problem with fungus or disease.  The fruit ripens from June to July. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.




Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a very popular “condo mango.” The tree can easily be maintained at a height of just six feet making it the ideal variety for those with limited space. Can be grown in a container or backyard. The flavor is sweet, rich, and reminiscent of mango sorbet. The fruit ripens from June to July. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.




  In Florida, the Julie variety is sought after for its dwarf growing habit, it is a great choice for those with a small yard or who wish grow Mangoes in a container. Julie is very popular in Jamaica and many other Caribbean islands. The fruit is sweet and juicy with a flavor of pineapple/coconut.




Lancetilla is a famous Honduran selection. The tree can be maintained at just 10 feet, making it widely accepted by homeowners. Expect  five pound fruit with a striking color of blood red. The ample  fruit is firm, sweet, and completely fiberless, ripening from mid August to September. Lancetilla, with its excellent disease tolerance, is the perfect late season mango, offering beauty, compact size and flavor. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.





Mallika is a "condo mango" that is native to India. It's compact size makes is ideal for homeowners with limited space A favorite mango due to its superb flavor, unparalleled disease resistance, and small but extremely productive habit. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.




Miracle Mango

The Miracle Mango or Choc-anon is a Thai mango that fruits in the winter and often fruits in the summer of the same year producing two crops annually. A vigorous grower, producing fruit that is sweet and juicy.  This variety is an excellent choice for winter residents, and growers that want to extend their mango season beyond the traditional summer months. The fruit ripens from November-January and sometimes July as well. Hardy to 27 degrees. 3 gal.








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