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Olives Olea europaea.



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Perfect Olive variety for pot culture. If you want an Olive tree but are short on yard space, the Arbequina Olive is a perfect fit. A widely planted variety that is valued for it's smaller size of 6 feet at maturity. Pick at green stage for processing into table eating. Pick at black stage when using for oil production. Self-fertile.






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A premiere traditional Italian varietal. Notable for it's high and consistent olive production. Mainly used for oil production. Self-fertile variety. Tree reaches a height of 25 feet to 30 feet at maturity.





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A world class olive. Fruits are a dark Eggplant color with a rich and fruity flavor. Self-fertile variety.





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A vigorous grower, and the most widely planted variety of Olive. In fact, if you have ever eaten an Olive, most likely it was the Mazanillla Olive. Trees are hardy to 10 degrees.






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Strong and vigorous growth habit. Mission olives are prized for their fruits which are used green or black for pickling, and also  for oil production. Self-fertile. Height at maturity 25 feet to 30 feet.





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This weeping olive tree is slow growing but well worth the wait. In fact, to see this olive tree with its narrow leaves back lit like slivers of a silver sun, is truly a sight. Pendolino olive trees are partially self-fertile, but you need pollenizers if you want a large fruit crop. Compatible olive tree pollenizers include Leccino and Maurino. Pendolino olive trees are used extensively as pollenizers in large olive tree groves. The fruit makes small but delicious green and black table olives as well.






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 Picholine Olive Tree is actually native to France, with large, flat, light green leaves, and medium sized fruit, which can weigh about 3-5 grams. The olives are harvested green, for eating, and black, for oil. They ripen in late November to December. Picholine Olives are self-fertile and are drought tolerant once established.



Santa Caterina

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A plant of very vigorous growth with a round and expansive crown. The leaves are rather short and light green in color. Very large fruit is an early ripener and harvest generally takes place while the olives are still of an intense green color. An excellent table variety that is widely planted.



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The graceful, billowing appearance of the olive tree can be rather attractive.